What we do

Long before we start to build, we work together to create a design that meets your budget and lifestyle. We believe this is the most important stage and it is crucial we get to the heart of what you want and need in a home. Drawings are developed, discussed and improved on over a series of stages.

Concept Sketches

  • We take your vision, for your home and bring it to life before your eyes, in sketches.

  • Whether you have strong ideas or you’re still figuring things out, together we design the home that’s uniquely suited for you.

  • Even subtle changes can often make a huge difference in quality of life or the level of enjoyment you get from your home.

Design and Preliminary Drawings

  • By now the sketches have been developed and we work on the nitty gritty.
  • With your best interest at heart, we also look at it from a builders prospective. Will it meet your needs and budget.
  • Preliminary construction drawings are created and this where we compile a detailed quote, ready for construction!


  • Your plans are now getting brought to life and overseen by Simon and the site supervisor.
  • With a direct focus on your home, we make sure your dream matches the level of work, we have already poured into the previous stages.
  • Being apart of and watching your home take shape, is the best way to “customize” your home. We encourage regular on-site meetings; this is what sets us apart from other builders.

Completion and Hand-Over

  • ​Because we build “custom homes”, you get a say the entire way through the build, so at this stage it’s all about the personal finishing touches.
  • ​Prior to the official hand-over we pop our “perfectionists” hat on and make sure everything is as it should be or even better.
  • ​Hand-Over Day is the most exciting time of the build and we make sure it is nothing less than a celebration.